Past Lectures and Events





On Saturday August 11th (3pm), I'll be talking about physics on the fringe inside and outside the academy with WIRED writer Lizzie Wade. The event will take place at Automata, the radical puppet collective in Chinatown run by Janie Geiser and Susan Simpso

- In July I recorded an hour-long conversation for the 7th Avenue Radio Program at KUSP. Host Robert Pollie specializes in in-depth interviews - what he calls "thinking persons radio" .


Physicists have discovered the Higgs Boson, the most sought-after member in the pantheon of subatomic particles. On Sunday July 15, I'll be speaking about this momentous event in the context of Physics on the Fringe. The talk will be held at the Center for Inquiry West, one of LA's leading venues for public discussion of science. The talk will be at 11am in the CFI's Hollywood location and then repeated in Costa Mesa at 4:30pm. 

As part of the this year's Los Angeles Times Book Festival, Margaret will talk about Physics on the Fringe in the panel discussion Science at Warp Speed. Margaret will be joined by fellow panelists Sean Carroll, author of the wonderful book From Eternity to Here, and David M. Baltimore, Nobel Prize winning scientist and former president of CalTech. The panel will be moderated by LA Times science writer Rosie Mestel.



At the USC Libraries new Academy for Polymathic Studues, Margaret will be in discussion with Professor Kevin Starr about Physics on the Fringe and her work as a science writer, author and curator. The event is part of the Academy's series "Homage to Hypatia and Hildegard" celebrating women at the forefront of science and mathematics.

As part of the Fall Lecture Series for the Skeptic Society at Caltech, Margaret will discuss the controversial world of outsider science. Event will be followed by book signing.

On Wednesday December 7, 2011, Margaret will be speaking about Physics on the Fringe and the role of science in the imaginative landscape of our time on the NPR program THINK. THINK is produced by KERA in Dallas-Fort Worth.

On Sunday November 27, Margaret will be speaking about Physics on the Fringe on the WBAI radio program Walden's Pond hosted by Shelton Walden.

On Wednesday November 23 at 10pm, Margaret will be speaking about Physics on the Fringe on Minneapolis radio with WCCO's legendary late night host Tommy Mischke.

In this unique event for the ALOUD series at the LA Public Library, Margaret will be joined by outsider physicist James Carter, the central character in Physics on the Fringe. Event will include audience Q+A with Carter, followed by book signingLink here for information and reservations for ALOUD event.  

On Monday November 21, Margaret will talk about Physics on the Fringe with Larry Mantle on AirTalk, Los Angeles beloved morning radio show. The interview coincides with the event this evening at the ALOUD series at the Los Angeles Public Library. Link here for AirTalk.

A public lecture with videos and animations about theories presented in Physics on the Fringe. Lecture followed by Q+A with author and book signing.

With the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hotz, a free-ranging discussion about the philosophy of science writing and Margaret’s forays into physics on the fringe.

A Life in Science: 
As part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science and Engineering, Margaret will present a keynote address about her life as a woman in science culminating with her founding of the Institute For Figuring. She will discuss her new book Physics on the Fringe and the IFF’s associated exhibition.

On Thursday November 10, Margaret Wertheim will be speaking about Physics on the Fringe with Ian Masters on Background Briefing  on KPFK, Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles. Link to Background Breaking.

A lunchtime talk for students of Santa Monica College and surrounding community. Margaret will discuss her work as a science writer and what led her to Physics on the Fringe.