Pangolins and Fringe Physics

-This week my article on the philosophy of physics is published in Aeon Magazine, the terrific new UK online forum for thoughftul journalism and critical thinking. The piece - titled Physics Pangolin - looks at how physicists describe the world through mathematical equations and asks if there are any limits on this way of knowing.

-A video piece about Physics on the Fringe has also been posted on the website of ABC Australia's radio program, The Science Show. Here I am interviewed by Australia's Robyn Williams about the sociology and philosophy of outsider physics. The interview is intercut with sections from the film "It's Jim's World ... We just Live in It", which I co-produced and directed with Cameron Allan. The film, a documentary about the life and work of Physics on the Fringe hero, Jim Carter, may be purchased here:

Thanks to Cameron for his beautiful camerawork and music. And thanks to Roi Huberman who produced the Science Show piece.