Jim's Physics

This page showcases diagrams and images of Jim Carter's physics, along with photographs of life and work.




"Creation Spiral". Diagram depicting the number of circlon-shaped particles that existed in the universe at each stage of the cosmic creation process envisioned by Jim's theory of "circlon synchronicity."



"Joules of the Universe". Diagram depicting all energy levels in the universe, beginning with a single photon, then progressing up to the energy of a hydrogen atom, the energy of an atomic bomb, the yearly output of the sun, and finally the total energy output of the universe. Memorable steps along the way include the energy in a ton of coal, and the energy of a bumblebee traveling at half the speed of light.



A circlon-shaped particle. In Carter's theory of the universe, all matter and all photons consist of circlon-shaped particles that link together to make up complex structures such as atoms and molecules.



Model of a Palladium atom showing circlon-shaped particles linking together like a sort of subatomic mesh. Every element of the Periodic Table can be described this way.



Diagram illustrating the radiation of a hydrogen atom.



98 Jim's theory of physics proposes an alternative to the special theory of relativity. In Carter's theory the redshift of distant stars and galaxies is not due to changes in space and time but to the intrinsic behavior of photons.




The Van Allen radiation belt around our earth is a circlon-based object of terrestrial dimensions.



91 Jim Carter working as an abalone diver on Catalina Island in the early 1970's. It was during this period that Carter developed his circlon-based model of matter and energy.



Diver blowing a circular shaped bubble. In Jim's theory, circlon-shaped objects manifest at every level of physical reality.



93 Jim Carter with an early version of the "lift-bags" he designed to help haul abalone up from the sea-floor. Today Carter has a successful business selling lift-bags all over the world because marine law requires boat owners to lift any vessels they own that sink. Lift-bags are based on Archimedes Principle. Every cubic foot of lift-bag will displace a cubic foot of water, which weights 63 pounds. Thus a 10 cubic foot bag will lift a boat weighing 630 pounds. Carter has sold bags to the US Coast Guard and the US Navy "to lift parts that have fallen off tha back of rockets."



96 Jim Carter on Catalina Island in 1971 at the peak of his creative scientific powers.